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Online Oil Condition Monitoring Market Analysis and Forecast 2020: By Keyplayers

Oil condition monitoring is done by using either off-site, on-site or online sampling method. Online oil condition monitoring technology is relatively new and is significant addition to offline oil analysis giving an early alarm for critical situations. Transport IoT (Internet of Things) has enabled real time analysis of oil samples and machineries using online sensors. In comparison to laboratory oil testing, online testing provides continuous evaluation of oil condition parameters. Thus, online testing is considered as technological advancement in the oil condition monitoring market. Online oil testing offers real-time analysis in which the sensors readily detects problem and further provides suggestions for on-site or off-site testing. Online testing gives an indication of when an oil sample should be sent to a laboratory for more detailed information. Currently, plant operators are more interested in continuous oil quality testing rather than regular sampling. This is driving demand for online oil testing.


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